Why Should I Care About This?

Isn't this all a bit paranoid?

We don't think so. The media is full of accounts of massive hacks at very large organisations, such as Sony, Adobe & LinkedIn. These companies spend tens of millions of dollars on security, and yet still, breaches of security occur.

Companies offering educational apps are largely many orders of magnitude smaller. But their applications have the potential to store images of children, information on behavioural and medical complaints, personal addresses, parents' names - the list is almost endless.

So what sorts of things need looking at?

We have three major concerns:

Firstly, that app providers store information securely, so that it cannot be easily comprimised or lost.

Secondly, that the staff using these applications are properly trained. This is an enormous problem to solve, as even people trained in the field of IT can engage in practices which cause security issues.

Thirdly, that app providers approach the security of their products with a level of rigour befitting the sensitivity of the data which they're handling.

We think that there is a real risk of problems if each new offering isn't subject to proper scrutiny from parents and teachers.

But how can we possibly do anything about it?

By asking questions. We have compiled a list of questions which you can give to schools and companies offering these applications. We are building a community to share our concerns and offer mutual support.

Ideas for Questions